Alumni / Recruiting News

Many alumni have gone on to represent Beaumont High School at the college and university level in athletics. Some have made it to the professional level as well, but all got their start on the fields, courts, courses, mats and decks at BHS. In our alumni section, we will provide the best information possible with short articles, links to current webpages and pictures, as well as updates on where many of you have gone beyond our hallowed halls.


Congratulations to our Class of 2017 college signees! Twelve of our BHS student-athletes have committed to playing at the collegiate level, and will be representing Beaumont's Blue and White across the country. Best wishes to each as they pursue athletics at the next level! Pictured from left to right:

Carlos Barrera - CSU San Bernardino (D2 - Soccer)
Savannah Flinn - University of Louisiana at Monroe (D1 - Softball)
Jason Flores - Hawai'i Pacific University (D2 - XC/Track)
Paul Goetz - Concordia University (D2 - Swim)
Jose Hernandez - Hope International University (NAIA - Soccer)
Kassandra Johnson - UC San Diego (D2 - Cheer)
Malaina Pendley - Salem International University (D2 - Swim)
Monique Rodriguez - Rocky Mountain College (NAIA - Volleyball)
Aaric Sanders - Azusa Pacific University (D2 - Football)
Alison Soto - UC Riverside (D1 - XC/Track)
Brett Vogelsang - Portland State University (D1 - XC/Track)
Jason Ward - Mount Marty College (NAIA - Baseball)


Class of 2017 grad Jose Hernandez (seated, 3rd from left), along with 2016 grad John Mejia (seated, far right), signed to play with Hope International University for the 2017-18 school year! The link to the university website story is here at Good luck to both young men!


(Click on the name of each BHS alum to see their current college/university page)

Barrera, Carlos ('17) - Soccer - CSU San Bernardino (D2)

Boatman, Jacob ('15) - XC/Track - Cal Baptist University (D2)

Bunch (Gross), Zach ('14) - XC/Track - Lenoir-Rhyne (NC) University (D2)

Champion, Maliq ('16) - Football - University of Redlands (D3)

Delgado, Andres ('16) - XC/Track - UC Riverside (D1)

DeLongchamp, Jacob ('18) - Baseball - Whittier College (D3)

Flores, Jason ('17) - XC/Track - Hawaii Pacific University (D2)

Goetz, Paul ('17) - Swimming - Concordia University (D2)

Gonzalez, Alyssa ('18) - Softball - Sacred Heart (CT) University (D1)

Grimes, Kailie ('16) - XC/Track - UC Riverside (D1)

Hernandez, Jose ('17) - Soccer - Hope International University (NAIA)

Johnson, Alicia ('18) - Basketball - Elmira (NY) College (D3)

Knowles, Marissa ('15) - Softball - Illinois College (D3)

Lamb, Caitlin ('18) - Softball - Puget Sound University (D3)

Larson, Garret ('14) - Baseball - La Sierra University (NAIA)

Marble, Fabian ('18) - Football - Azusa Pacific University (D2) 

Mejia, John ('16) - Soccer - Hope International University (NAIA)

Mendoza, Mikayla ('17) - Softball - La Verne University (D3)

Merino, Maydeen ('16) - Basketball - La Verne University (D3)

Miller, Brandon ('15) - Baseball - Ottawa (KS) University (NAIA)

Pendley, Malaina ('17) - Swimming - Salem International (WV) University (D2)

Phillips, Kyle ('17) - Football - University of Redlands (D3)

Raya, Alex ('15) - Football - Morgan State (MD) University (D1)

Reilly, Jackie ('15) - Softball - Illinois College (D3)

Rodriguez, Monique ('17) - Volleyball - Rocky Mountain (MT) College (NAIA)

Ruano, Kailyn ('18) - Track - University of Redlands (D3)

Schooler, Matt ('15) - Baseball - Presentation (SD) College (NAIA)

Sharp, Quinn ('15) - Football - Knox (IL) College (NAIA)

Shephard, Katelyn ('18) - Softball - Mercy (NY) College (D2)

Soto, Alison ('17) - XC/Track - UC Riverside (D1)

Sparks, Dylan ('18) - Football - Willamette University (D3)

Vasconcellos, Amber ('18) - Soccer - Hope International University (NAIA)

Vogelsang, Brett ('17) - XC/Track - Lenoir Rhyne (NC) University (D2)