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Beaumont Unified School District is excited to launch the Family Resource Center website! Visit the website by clicking the link.
Additional Resources:
Visit the BHS Virtual Learning Needs FAQs 2020-2021 to access informational responses from the BHS Virtual Learning Parent Survey sent out in September.

Beaumont High School is excited to announce that the Beaumont USD Libraries now have a great new e-book resource for students, thanks to the collaboration with the Beaumont Library District. SORA lets us access age-appropriate e-books from the Beaumont Library District and is easy to use. Click on the links for more information.

Beaumont USD Flyer 1  |   Beaumont USD Flyer 2


Beaumont High School Parent/Guardian/Visitor Procedures

Beaumont High School encourages parents and legal guardians to visit our campus. When visiting, we ask that you follow the visitation procedures below.

  • Please use one of the visitor parking spots available in the north lot off of Cherry Valley Blvd. These spaces are limited.
  • Upon arrival, proceed to the Attendance Office to check-in. You will need valid identification to visit the campus and receive a visitor badge.
  • ALL visitors MUST wear a mask while on campus.
  • Proceed directly to the location you will be visiting.
    • Teachers require one day (24 hours) notice prior to a parent/guardian classroom visit.
    • We strongly recommend that parents/guardians do not visit common areas during brunch and lunchtimes.


Dear parent/guardian,
Each school year, we are required to notify you of our school and district Parent Involvement Policy. Attached, please find a copy of these documents for your review. All documents may also be accessed at our district website at (choose Parent & Students > Parent Resources).
The school Parent Involvement Policy is reviewed and updated annually by the School Site Council (SSC). The District policy is adopted by the Board of Trustees with input from the District Advisory Council (DAC). You are encouraged to provide your input by attending the SSC/DAC meetings and/or providing input to your school principal.
In addition, please be advised that the annual School Accountability Report Card (SARC) for each school is available for review at the district website above. You may request a printed copy of the SARC at your school’s office or the district office. SARCs are updated annually. 
Estimado padre/guardian,
Cada año, es requerido que lo notifiquemos sobre la póliza de Participación de Padres. Adjunto, encontrará una copia de tal documentos para su reviso. Todos los documentos pueden ser revisados en nuestro sitio de internet al (escoja Parents & Students>Parent Resources).
La póliza de Participación de Padres es revisada y actualizada anualmente por el Concilio de Sitio Escolar (SSC). La póliza del distrito es adoptada por la Junta Directiva con la aportación del Concilio Consultivo Distrital (DAC). Le animamos que proporcione su contribución por asistir a una de las juntas SSC/DAC y/o proveer su aportación al director de la escuela de su hijo.
A demas, por favor sea avisado que la Boleta de Calificaciones de Contabilidad Escolar (SARC) para cada escuela es disponible para su reviso en el sitio de internet del distrito anotado arriba. Usted puede pedir una copia escrita de la SARC de su oficina escolar or del distrito. Las SARCs son actualizadas anualmente. 


The U.S. Department of Education provides the following tools and resources for  English Learner students and parents with limited English proficiency:

A fact sheet in English and in other languages about schools’ obligations under federal law to ensure that English learner students can participate meaningfully and equally in school. 

Visit the Beaumont High School page for information on the English Language Advisory Committee!

  • A fact sheet in English and in other languages about schools’ obligations under federal law to communicate information to limited English proficient parents in a language they can understand.
  • toolkit to help school districts identify English learner students, prepared by the Education Department’s Office of English Language Acquisition. This is the first chapter in a series of chapters to help state education agencies and school districts meet their obligations to English learner students. 


Aeries Parent Portal

California Smoker's Helpline
Beaumont USD Website


We now have district email account for the Parent Academy. District personnel will monitor this email and will respond to questions.

Click here to send an Email


Please be advised that all students need to have a student ID card. Students need to carry their ID with them at all times while on campus or while attending any school function on or off campus. All students are issued an ID at the beginning of school and can pick it up in the ASB room (F14).