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BHS Athletics


Per the updated California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Guidelines for Youth Sports, which were released on Friday, February 19, 2021, all BHS teams may continue practices in accordance with the protocols set forth in these guidelines, which are set to take effect on Friday, February 26, 2021. Riverside County is currently in the Purple ("Widespread") Tier in California’s guide to reopening. In adherence to these current health guidelines, Beaumont USD and the BHS athletic department have developed the following summary of key points to consider for your student's participation. The BHS athletic department’s main priority is to ensure safe conditions for both students and staff during our athletic activities.


*If your student is showing COVID symptoms, or someone else in your home is sick, or there has been a "close contact" for your student with someone who is COVID positive, please inform the head coach and keep your student home. The athletic director will follow up with you to set a return date for your student, based on CDC/CDPH/RDPH guidelines.

*Important Points of Note/CDPH Summary:
1. All Athletic Clearance accounts are being reviewed for completion of all steps toward clearance. The most common reason for "Denied" status is an expired physical form, or the new COVID waiver still not being signed.

2. All sports have been assigned to potentially compete in a designated color tier per the aforementioned CDPH Guidelines. With the newest CDPH update, high contact, outdoors sports such as football and water polo may conduct athletic competitions if the following guidelines are met:

  • Riverside County must reach an adjusted COVID case rate of 14 or less, and maintain or have the number fall further for a period of five (5) days to begin playing games.
  • For football and water polo, all students and coaches would be required to receive an antigen or PCR test once per week with a negative result, in order to compete.
  • District approval is required for the competition portion of the schedule to begin, and BUSD and BHS will adhere to all CDPH, as well as Riverside County DPH, as new information is set forth.

3. The current 2020-2021 CIF Sports Calendar outlines the current season of sports for Season 1 and Season 2. The actual schedule of competitions/games/races/meets/matches/contests is still to be determined as CDPH and RDPH give clearance. The only change to this original calendar is that boys volleyball has been moved to Season 2 this coming spring.

4. As directed by the Riverside Public Health Department to Riverside County schools, BHS students may NOT participate in more than one (1) sport at the same time. Students must select one (1) sport to play during the spring.

5. For students that would like to change from one team to another, students must notify their coaches and the athletic director, and EITHER a) sit out from their current sport for two (2) weeks before joining their new sport, OR b) sit out from their current sport for 48 hours, then take a COVID test and turn in a NEGATIVE result to the athletic director for clearance to join their new sport.

6. Under new CDPH Guidelines, shared equipment is allowed. Athletic training staff and assigned sports medicine students will disinfect shared equipment during practice sessions. Students are expected to bring their own hand sanitizer, and perform hand washing/sanitizing following the use of shared equipment.
7. Physical distancing and wearing a face covering is still in effect. Students are encouraged to wear face coverings throughout practice sessions, and to the level at which they can breathe properly during periods of exertion during drills and conditioning. Additional physical distance is required if a face covering is removed.


Baseball: Wednesday/Thursday, March 3-4; 6:00-8:00 pm; Varsity Baseball Field

Soccer (Boys): Monday, March 8; 3:00-5:00; Stadium

Soccer (Girls): Monday/Wednesday, March 1 & 3; 6:00-8:00 pm; Monday, March 8; 3:00-5:00; Wednesday,    March 10; 6:00-8:00 pm; Stadium

Swim: Tuesday-Thursday, March 2-4; 1:00-3:00; Pool

Tennis: Monday-Wednesday, March 1-3; 3:00-5:00; San Gorgonio MS courts (next to BUSD bus yard)

Track: Monday/Wednesday/Friday, March 1, 3 & 5; 6:00-7:45 am; Stadium

Water Polo (Boys): Monday/Tuesday, March 1-2; 3:00-4:30; Pool

Water Polo (Girls): Monday-Wednesday, March 1-3; 3:00-4:30; Pool

Wrestling (Boys): Tuesdays/Thursdays, March 9 – April 1; 6:00-7:00 pm; Varsity Softball Field

Wrestling (Girls): Tuesday/Thursday, March 2 & 4; 4:00-6:00; Stadium (north end)


Pre-Participation Requirements



Participation Expectations/Self-Screening

  • Practices will include fitness and conditioning drills, individual skill development and team skills in preparation for possible competition in each respective sport, in accordance with the updated CDPH Guidelines.
  • All coaches and students must complete the COVID-19 Self-Screening Questionnaire (Posted Below) daily prior to attending conditioning sessions.
  • Coaches and student-athletes will maintain six (6) feet of physical distancing at all times, including within their designated cohorts.
  • Face coverings are required at all times. If a student-athlete has difficulty breathing at any time, the student-athlete can take a break from the activity and remove themselves from their cohort until they are ready to continue. During vigorous exercises, face coverings may be removed, but additional (more than six (6) feet) physical distancing is required for the duration of that activity.
  • Practices will not be open to visitors/spectators, including parents, booster clubs, and community members.
  • The BHS athletics program will not penalize a student-athlete’s attendance due to illness or general safety concerns. Students who are ill or have general safety concerns will be afforded the opportunity to try out for the team when they are capable and feel safe to do so. Parents/guardians are expected to communicate with their student-athlete’s head coach to discuss these issues affecting their student’s attendance.


Team Cohorts/Facility Use

  • BHS outdoor courts, fields, tracks and the pool will be available for practice sessions.
  • There will be no indoor facility use (including gymnasium, locker rooms and weight rooms) until which time as COVID data the tier status allow.
  • Restrooms will be made available for use by individual student-athletes as needed.
  • All team practice sessions must be scheduled through the athletic director and follow the facility use protocol.
  • Multiple teams may share an assigned field or other designated area, as long as appropriate physical distancing allows between the teams.
  • Coaches will direct student-athletes of proper entry/exit procedures to conditioning sessions. Student-athletes will adhere to instructions by coaching staff at all times.
  • Prior to and after practice sessions, students are not permitted to gather or congregate at or outside of the school facilities.
  • No parents or spectators will be allowed to attend conditioning sessions, nor enter any BHS athletic facilities at this time.
  • Parents are expected to pick up their student at the conclusion of each assigned conditioning session. Students who individually transport themselves are to leave the premises immediately following the conclusion of each assigned conditioning session.
  • The pool will be incorporated for water polo workouts, and will follow health directives for equipment and adequate, physical distancing.



  • Per updated CDPH Guidelines, shared equipment is now allowed during practice sessions, and will be monitored and disinfected by athletic training staff and sports medicine students, as assigned.
  • Shared personal items (towels, clothing, shoes, etc.) between student-athletes is not permitted.
  • Student-athletes must wear their own appropriate athletic attire and footwear and all items should be washed and cleaned after every workout.
  • All student-athletes are required to bring their own face covering to every conditioning session. Student-athletes will not be allowed to attend without a proper face covering.
  • All student-athletes are expected to bring their own personal hand sanitizer.



  • All student-athletes are required to bring their own water bottle. Water bottles must not be shared.
  • Hydration stations (water cows, water trough, water fountains, etc.) are not permitted for use in this phase.
  • Refilling of water bottles will be organized/directed by athletic training staff. Student-athletes will follow their directives. 
  • Individuals will be required to sanitize their hands following use of restrooms, and intermittently during practice sessions, as necessary.

COVID-19 Response to Symptoms/Exposure/Positive Testing


  • As per the “Infectious Disease Including COVID-19- Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability” form included in your student’s athletic clearance process, coaches and athletic trainers will attend mandatory training to respond to COVID-19 Symptoms/Exposure/Positive Testing. This training will include responses to student-athletes with positive test results, those who have been exposed, and those that present symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Student-athletes with symptoms shall stay at home, notify their coach, and be advised to contact their healthcare provider to seek medical diagnosis. This is also applicable if a student is sent home for exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms during a conditioning session. After symptoms are completely gone, notify the student-athlete’s coach for a return date. Please refer to the COVID Flow Chart below.
  • Student-athletes who are feeling well and have a sick family member at home with COVID-19 should evaluate their own personal health regarding symptoms. They shall quarantine for 10 days as indicated by CDC guidelines. Once the student-athlete has completed the quarantine period and is symptom-free, the student-athlete will notify their coach. Please refer to Flow Chart below.





951-845-5711 / OFFICE HOURS 9:00AM - 3:30PM






951-845-9183 / OFFICE HOURS 9:00AM - 5:00PM




851 E. 6TH ST., STE. B-6


951-200-5066 / OFFICE HOURS VARY






951-769-5868 / OFFICE HOURS 8:00AM - 6:00PM





BANNING, CA  92220

951-769-0079 / OFFICE HOURS 8:00AM - 3:15PM




Congratulations to our Class of 2020 seniors who completed all certifications of their college commitments, and will move on to attend the following colleges and universities this fall.

Wyatt Causey - Football - Unversity of Redlands (NAIA)

Madyson Cornish - Soccer - La Sierra University (NAIA)

Jayden Fordham - Basketball/Track - Pacific University (D3)

Bryanna Gardinier - Softball - Westcliff University (NAIA)

Hailey Jones - Soccer - Unversity of Redlands (D3)

Eddie McCulloch - Football - College of Wooster, OH (D3)

Israel Olvera - Football - University of Redlands (D3)

Logan Perez - Football - Fitchburg State (D3)

Katie Pierceall - Water Polo - Unversity of Redlands (D3)

Kamari Ross - Football - Lake Erie College, OH (D2)

Julia Shephard - Softball - Occidental College (D3)

Anjola Thomas - Women's Volleyball – Norfolk State University (D1)


Our BHS athletic registration will now be an online process completed at Instructions are below for completion of your student's athletic registration. All students must complete this online, and upload your physical form, which is available in the packet below. This process is for all incoming and returning students for the 2020-2021 school year.
Please follow the instructions below in the packet, which includes a physical form to take to your doctor to be physically cleared for participation. Briefly, the instructions are as follows:
1. Click on the website here for
2. Watch short tutorial video, then register for a new account. Verify account and then log in.
3. Student Registration/Login:
    New to BHS: Parents register with valid email, username & password. You will be asked to type in code to verify you are human.      If this step is skipped your account will NOT activate.
    Returning BHS students: Log in using the same email used the prior year, which allows autofill and roll over of current physical.
4. Registration is for the 2020-2021 school year.
5. Choose the first sport of interest for your student. (Multiple sports can be selected at end of registration)
6. Proceed through all fields to input information.
7. Read all forms and submit acknowledgment of each form (parent and student-athlete).
8. Take a photo or scan physical form (FRONT & BACK), which must be stamped, signed and dated by doctor.
9. Upload physical to complete clearance. (If unable to upload, please have student bring to athletic dept to file)
10. Upon completion, CONFIRMATION message will be sent to verify completion.
11. MULTIPLE SPORTS: If your student-athlete is interested in more than one sport, you must complete a NEW CLEARANCE for each sport. Select YEAR, SCHOOL and new SPORT, and the rest of your information will auto-fill.
**Even if your student's Athletic Clearance is still current, the 2020-2021 Athletic Clearance process is MANDATORY to update student information.**
There is currently no timeline for return to participation of any kind, so please complete the online Athletic Clearance forms, and you can upload your student's physical once it can be completed. The physical is still required prior to participation, but we will update deadlines as more information becomes available about athletic activities. 


The BHS Athletic department has been approved to begin a 4-week conditioning program for all fall sports. Your 9th grade student must complete their Athletic Clearance to be included in groups for the conditioning program in their respective sport. This is not a tryout period. Tryouts will be held when we are cleared for further activities in adherence to state and county guidelines. All 9th grade students interested in attending a conditioning program must complete Athletic Clearance to be included. 

ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES AT BHS MUST BE INSURED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY SPORT! If you do not have access to insurance, please go to the "Athletic Forms" page or contact the athletic office for information about insurance through Myers-Stevens & Toohey, Inc.


Once the 2020-2021 school year commences, please see below for team meetings and tryout dates for fall and winter sports. Announcements will also be in the daily You Tube video, and flyers will be posted on campus. All students interested trying out for any BHS programs must complete our online registration at prior to the first tryout date. Please see instructions listed above to complete this process. To contact coaches for clarification about postings in this section, please see our Coaches Directory and send the head coach an e-mail.
The BHS Athletic department has been approved to begin a 4-week conditioning program for all fall sports. This is not a tryout period. Tryouts will be held when we are cleared for further activities in adherence to state and county guidelines. 


Welcome to the 2020 fall athletic season! We look forward to your support at all of our student's games. Each schedule listed below is in a PDF format for you to print or save to your electronic device. Schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions, adjustments by the host school, and unforeseen issues at other schools. We will do our best to update schedules here if they are communicated the week prior to an event. Some tournament games scheduled at other schools are still TBD, and additional competitions may be scheduled. Please understand that admission is charged at most schools for most events, and ticket prices are generally similar to those listed to the left for BHS home events. Wear your BLUE, cheer loud and proud, and set a great example of sportsmanship and class at every contest! Our teams and coaches appreciate your positive support! 
*Fall sport schedules will be posted when they become available.


Keep up with our scores and results by going to our page link for Weekly Athletic Schedules & Scores at the upper left side of this page, or by going to our school page at Max Preps by clicking on their logo below. Thank you for your support of all of our student-athletes!
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Are you planning to attend all of your student's home games here at BHS? Do you want to avoid the lines at the ticket booth prior to entering the stadium or gymnasium? Then consider purchasing an athletic pass for each adult and child in your family that plans to attend games. Our admission prices are posted in the column on the right side of this page, so you can see that you will save money if you purchase a pass. Here is the information and how to purchase:

Adult Annual Pass (entry to all football, volleyball, basketball and wrestling for ENTIRE year) - $40.00 per person
Adult Seasonal Pass (entry to all FALL or WINTER or SPRING games) - $25.00 per person
Senior Adult Seasonal Pass - $20.00 per person
Child (age 5-12) Annual Pass - $20.00 per child

You may purchase through the BHS business office at any time during the day, and can have a photo taken at either 1st lunch (11:00-11:40) or 2nd lunch (12:00-12:40) throughout the week to produce your pass. You may also send cash or check with your student to make the purchase at the business office, and e-mail a JPEG photo for each person ordering a pass to our ASB director, Jennifer Florence. Her e-mail is Send your e-mail with the subject as your FAMILY NAME - ATHLETIC PASS, and include your request in the body, and attach your JPEG. Your passes will be printed and sent home with your student. Once you have your pass, just bypass the ticket line at the stadium and go directly to the home gate for entry. At the gym, just show your pass to the ticket taker and enjoy the game. BHS athletic passes are ONLY VALID FOR USE AT HOME GAMES, and will not be honored at any other school.


There is a wide array of informative articles and videos to help student-athletes, parents, coaches and administrators to make the most of the high school athletic experience. In the educational setting, we receive articles from many journals and publications that are available at no cost. Important information is often received directly by school personnel, and then given to the student-athletes in a variety of ways. The links posted below are to online articles, videos and websites that would be helpful to our parent community on subjects that deal directly with student-athletes and high school athletics in general. Our goal is to provide information, and, when possible, host informational programs for our parent community that will provide meaningful subject matter in growing and preparing our student-athletes for a variety of post high school opportunities. This resource page will be a work in progress, and we will add as we go along. Thank you for all that you do for your students, and your support of the academic and athletic efforts we strive for at BHS. (Updated September 2020)
1. Making Youth Sports Better Upon Our Return: PCA Article
2. Helping Student-Athletes With Confident Body Language: Body Language Video
3. Beyond Being Athletic: You Must Understand The Game: Game Knowledge Video
4. 5 Principles To Adopt An Olympian's Mindset: Olympian Article
5. Social Media - Don't Lose Your Scholarship Opportunity: Social Media Video
6. Social Media Agreement With Your Student: Agreement Form Download
7. Honoring Yourself, Your Teammates & The Game: Triple-Impact Competitor Article

Athletic Department Information


(951) 845-3171, ext 343109
Athletic Secretary: Kari Pepper 
Athletic Director: Martin DuSold 
Football - Varsity and Varsity/FR doubleheaders
General Admission/Students: $7.00
Youth (age 5-12): $5.00
Senior Citizens: $5.00
Children (under 5): FREE

Football - JV or FR single games
General Admission/Students: $5.00
Youth (age 5-12): $3.00
Senior Citizens: $3.00
Children (under 5): FREE
Basketball/Volleyball/ Wrestling
General Admission/Students: $5.00
Youth (age 5-12): $3.00
Senior Citizens: $3.00
Children (under 5): FREE
League Championship Events (Swim/Track/ Wrestling)
General Admission/Students: $5.00
Youth (age 5-12): $3.00
Senior Citizens: $3.00
Children (under 5): FREE
BHS Emergency Action Plan (19-20)