Reclassification Celebration!

Congratulations to 21 Beauont High School Students who completed all of the requirements to be reclasified as English Proficient!
This huge achievement is the outcome of tremendous work and growth by this group of outstanding students.
Their families came out to a celebration on 5/4 here at BHS to honor these hard working students. Catering was provided by our BHS Culilnary program, and many of those students donated their time to serve the delicious meal.
Congratulations again to these amazing students!
Baraa Abufarha
Angelique Barboza
Luis Carrera
Alexandra Cazares
Hannah Chavez
Gambino Diaz
Elizeth Galindo Sandoval
Camille Garcia-Hurtado
Ashley Garcia Ley
Alin Gaytan
Leilany Hernandez
Oswaldo Hernandez
Vincent Jalil-Lopez
Bernardo Muyuz
Krystal Perez
Pabel Silva Velarde
Yonathan Tampubolon
Eric Valdivia
Deniss Velasco
Derek Verastegui
Oswaldo Zamudio