Special Board Meeting Presentation and Audio Minutes

The Board of Trustees held a special Board meeting on Saturday, January 12, 2019, to continue the discussion of growth at the secondary level within the Beaumont Unified School District.




A planning committee developed short and mid-term options to accommodate the growth, and asked the community for their feedback through a Thoughtexchange survey on the proposed options in October 2018.


Presentations on growth and the impact on facilities were made to the Board of Trustees on September 25, with a follow-up presentation on the results from the Thoughtexchange on November 13, 2018. The audio for both of these presentations is available HERE.  


The special Board meeting on January 12, was conducted to further study the projected student enrollment numbers and explore potential options, including grade reconfiguration, multi-track year-round schools, creating a 9th-grade campus, and converting San Gorgonio Middle School into a high school.


The Board of Trustees acknowledged the community's desire for an additional high school; however, with the construction of such a school estimated at 200 million dollars, and with concerns on how this would be funded, the Board agreed that building a new high school at this time is not fiscally viable nor responsible. However, the Board agreed to move forward on seeking available options for land to be purchased in order to accommodate a high school in the future.


The Board concluded the meeting with each member sharing their thoughts on the options presented, the majority favoring a grade configuration of TK-6. It’s important to note, the meeting was informational only, and the Board of Trustees did not take action on any of the options discussed. Additional data will be collected and presented at future Board meetings.


We would like to thank our staff and community members for attending the meeting and your interest in helping shape the future of Beaumont USD. Your voice matters!


Questions or concerns regarding the proposed options, please email:


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