Student Leadership within Beaumont USD

Preparing students for jobs that haven't even been created yet is an intriguing challenge faced by educators today. The importance of instilling soft skills in our students is more important than ever. One of these soft skills Beaumont Unified educators are focusing on is leadership.


Beaumont High School, Mountain View Middle School, and San Gorgonio Middle School have created unique leadership opportunities for their students. These opportunities not only create leadership skills in their students, but these groups continue to create a positive impact on their campuses.


Link Crew, offered at the high school; Were Everybody Belongs (WEB), offered at Mountain View Middle School; and Associated Student Body (ASB) and Leadership at San Gorgonio Middle School have created leadership teams where students help younger classmen transition into pivotal grade levels.


“I joined Link Crew because I wanted the freshman to have a good experience,” said Keila Stewart, Beaumont High School junior. Keila saw the opportunity this group provided when she was a freshman and wanted to be a part of creating a positive impact for other students on campus.


Both sixth grade and ninth grade provide significant changes for students. Leaving elementary and middle school can be challenging as expectations are greater and the number of people students interact with increases as well. These grade levels are nerve-wracking for students and their parents as well.


“I know the anxiety as a parent to send your child to a new school,” said WEB Advisor Vanessa Masias. WEB gives students an opportunity for incoming sixth graders to get to know other students, leaders on campus, and the school all before the school starts. Masias continued, “As a parent you feel so much more comfortable that a school took the time to do this for your child.”


We are proud of the opportunities we provide to our students, not only academically, but through those soft skills. Thank you to our educators for providing these leadership groups for our students. We look forward to the growth our students will undergo thanks to them.