BARR 9th Grade Program

Beaumont High School is excited to launch the Building Assets, Reducing Risks (BARR) Program for our Freshman.  BARR provides schools with a comprehensive, intentional approach to meeting students’ academic, social, and emotional needs.  At the core of the BARR program are eight interconnected research-based strategies that provide a wide-ranging structure and support system.  In the BARR model, teachers are placed in teams.  Each team consists of three core-subject teachers (math, science, and English).  BARR helps educators build safe, strong, trusting relationships with their students and paves the way for every student to engage in learning.


Ninth grade is a crucial year for all students and Beaumont High School strongly believes this extra layer of support for our ninth-grade students will assist with ensuring they achieve academic and social success throughout their Freshman year.


BARR helps to...

1. Reduce academic failures
2. Reduce alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
3. Reduce disciplinary incidents
4. Increase attendance
5. Increase the average number of assets among 9th-grade students

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Any questions, please contact -
Ms. Kuuipo Koahou
(951)845-3171, ext. 343256
BARR Teachers
Cal Poly SLO House
Cathy Stokes - English
David Moreno - Math
Jason Whittle - Geo/Phys
USC House
Joshua Dutcher -English
Diana Valencia-Benitez - Math
Jeniffer Dobson - Geo/Phys
Stanford House
Tara Owerkowicz - English
Jennifer Palluth - Math
Rachelle Ponce -  Geo/Phys
Oxford House
Lisa Langford - English
Corey Sinske - Math
Julio Martinez - Biology
La Verne House
Pucone Allen - English
Derrick Dial - Math
Megan Holbrook - Geo/Phys
9th-Grade Counselors 
Desiree Layugan -
La Verne,Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Unhoused
Thomas Torres - Oxford, Stanford, USC
9th-Grade BARR
Chelsea Ramirez, Assistant Principal
Quarter 1 Awards Ceremony
October 23, 2018
BARR Awards Ceremony
May 11, 2018
Recognition Luncheon
January 12, 2018